What Happens When an Insurance Company Totals Your Car in El Paso

What to Expect From the Total Loss Process for El Paso Drivers

What Happens When An Insurance Company Tots Your Car In El Paso

If you think that the amount of insurance coverage is the same for theft and collision in El Paso, you may be wrong. How exactly does what happens when an insurance company totals your car in El Paso affect your auto insurance coverage?

El Paso has two car insurance companies that are similar in pricing and services. It is difficult to predict how each company will treat a vehicle that has been damaged in a collision. The following information is from a small case that was tried by an insurance adjuster from the El Paso city court.

The car had suffered a minimal amount of damage and the majority of the work was inside the car. The car sustained just minor scratches from a bumpy road.

The vehicle was taken to an independent car crash reconstruction expert to determine if the vehicle would have to be towed to a wreck site. This car has only sustained damage to the front and back end.

In what follows, you will learn how an insurance company in El Paso totaled a car in their accident file. If the case gets further to trial, the insurance company will add an extra detail as they do in all cases. What happens when an insurance company totals your car in El Paso depends on how far the case is progressed.

The investigator at the collision site determined that the actual accident was not severe enough to cause a damage estimate that would equal the damage done to the car in El Paso. The damage estimate was merely caused by the impact from the accident.

Even if the accident claim is submitted and accepted by the car owner, the automobile insurance company will have the final say in how much is paid out by the insurance company. The vehicle has sustained damage, but the insurance company has determined that it is minimal compared to the amount they will pay out.

Car owners in El Paso should also be aware that in some cases a car has to be towed away because of the damage that is caused to the car by the collision. If you have sustained damage to your car and a collision is not deemed to be the primary cause of the damage, you will be responsible for any cost.

In order to understand what happens when an insurance company totals your car in El Paso, it is important to know the limitations of your auto insurance policy. Your insurance company can increase your deductible on your insurance policy.

The higher the deductible the higher the insurance company will have to pay. Also, if you drive a high risk vehicle the insurance company will be more likely to include that in the deductible.

What happens when an insurance company totals your car in El Paso is not limited to the car itself or even to a specific vehicle that has been involved in an accident. It can happen to any car that is in the care of an insurance company.

Before you sign up for car insurance, be sure to know the limits of your car insurance policy and the damages that can be done to your car. Knowledge is power when it comes to protecting your car and your assets.

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